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Updated: Jan 5

While having the free tools is great it does not always work for everyone. these are some tools while not free they are just as good and more effective:

  • Buzzy bee, this is a tool that myself and others have used that vibrates by the area that is getting a shot, making it numb Link to Buzzy -

  • Therapy, for people who have phobias there are different forms of therapy that one can take such as; Exposure Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Exposure Therapy, slowly introducing the object to the person by showing pictures being around it and holding it

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). this is a therapy where you talk with a therapist about your fears and work through coping strategies

  • Numbing Sprays/Cream applied to the area can reduce the sensation of the needle

  • Medications could be helpful if there are not many improvements for you going to therapy, consult your medical practitioner before making choices concerning medication

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Hi, I'm Diana Baker

I've been in Girl Scouts for 12 years and working on completing my gold award.  By spreading awareness, through this highest awards project with Girl Scouts, I can help make my community and the world a better place, use resources wisely, be friendly and helpful to others, considerate and caring. 

My brother, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, and some friends struggle with trypanophobia and have inspired me to do this project. My goal is to give parents, school nurses, pediatricians, and others options to support community members who have a fear of needles.  

During the process of this project, I was diagnosed with Chronic Migraines and had to get a 'Migraine Cocktail' infusion after suffering with a higher amount of pain for a month.  When receiving the IV, I used some of the free tools recommended on this page.  Being able to complete this treatment allowed me to finish my school semester and re-engage with this awareness project.  

Additionally, I have tested more tools when receiving vaccines and communicate these ideas with friends and nurses.  

Hope my research can help others looking for possible coping tools.  I am connecting with local pediatricians and my school nurse, encouraging others like yourself, to help spread awareness for solutions that can help reduce anxiety with needles.  

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