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My Gold Award

My Gold Award aims to address this issue:

There are people worldwide who suffer from needle phobia (trypanophobia), which can both negatively impact their personal and public health when considering the thought of needles and obtaining vaccines.

Trypanophobia can cause individuals suffering with it to avoid obtaining vaccines during global pandemics like the Covid-19 increasing the risk of getting sick.

My eldest brother who has autism suffers from trypanophobia. My siblings and I get annual flu vaccines at our pediatricians office. This office did not have tools available to help with patients that suffer from trypanophobia such as a Buzzy Bee that can help reduce anxiety.

A Buzzy Bee is a small device that is held against an area prior to an injection to help numb the spot and provides a soothing buzz that helps to calm patients. My family would bring this device to medical appointments for my brother and we would also use YouTube videos at the same time to distract him.

My Gold Award aims to address trypanophobia by spreading awareness that this is a medical problem and understanding and compassion should be shown for people that suffer from this. Additionally, I am sharing possible solutions for medical staff, family members and individuals to try to reduce anxiety for improved mental health and wellness outcomes.

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Hi, I'm Diana Baker

I've been in Girl Scouts for 12 years and working on completing my gold award.  By spreading awareness, through this highest awards project with Girl Scouts, I can help make my community and the world a better place, use resources wisely, be friendly and helpful to others, considerate and caring. 

My brother, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, and some friends struggle with trypanophobia and have inspired me to do this project. My goal is to give parents, school nurses, pediatricians, and others options to support community members who have a fear of needles.  

During the process of this project, I was diagnosed with Chronic Migraines and had to get a 'Migraine Cocktail' infusion after suffering with a higher amount of pain for a month.  When receiving the IV, I used some of the free tools recommended on this page.  Being able to complete this treatment allowed me to finish my school semester and re-engage with this awareness project.  

Additionally, I have tested more tools when receiving vaccines and communicate these ideas with friends and nurses.  

Hope my research can help others looking for possible coping tools.  I am connecting with local pediatricians and my school nurse, encouraging others like yourself, to help spread awareness for solutions that can help reduce anxiety with needles.  

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